Welcome to TEG Services

TEG Services is a full service environmental remediation company; specializing in asbestos and mold removal.

Our Services


Our licensed specialists will help you safetly remove asbestos from your home, from small amounts of pipe insulation to large amounts of floor tile.


We offer mold sampling, mold remediation, removal of water-damaged materials, and water damage mitigation.

Hazardous Waste / Recycling

Our company can safely and efficiently remove hazardous waste materials such as mercury vapor lamps, computer equipment, fluorsecent lamps, mercury switches, batteries, glycol, used machine oil, and various other spent solvants and equipment.

Thermal Imaging

Our project managers are trained in providing thermography to assist our clients in diagnosing the condition of buildings.


Our experienced and licensed staff is equipped and ready to assist in any commercial lead removal project.

Free Estimates

In order to understand how to serve you best, our project managers will personally visit the property and provide you with a free estimate for the services.

Small Jobs Welcome

Our company is ready to assist our clients with any environmental need, big or small. 

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